Training to be a Buddy to my Son

I had received this communication from the HR department, asking for a self nomination to a workshop titled Work Life Balance.

Training sessions to me have been those out of turn days, when you are paid to be on a leave and very importantly no phone calls. At the end of the session, it was all about wielding the most powerful weapon while filling up the Feedback form.

The Trainer would have by them undetaken many tedious tactics, throughout the session, to ensure that the participants rate and rank the session most satisfactory.

The learning had very little to offer when it required me to go back to work from the next day and thus the feedback on the session was a cursory end of day attendance, after a sumptuous lunch at a five star address.

But this time the training module sounded very different. There was a brief on the trainer and a write-up. What to expect out of the session? It proclaimed that the session was designed to help the participants strike a fine balance between the p…

Raising you Boy, to be a Man!

In five months from now, he turns to be an adult, officially!
I discovered my parenthood with his birth and named him Anweshan. It was such an amazing feeling looking at him, squirming in the hands of the obstetrician when the Doctor called for his father. The day was 29th of November, 1998 at 5.08 pm (Sunday). While, there were a handful of people around me, immersed in their own merriment, I was immobile with an overwhelming feeling of the obvious, the duty to raise a child, the responsibility to groom him to be self reliant and successful and the pride unbound, of having procreated a progeny to perpetuate.
The raising of my son was fraught with my own limitations. When look at those days today, the priority was to create sanity out of limitless expectations from all those folks, who would eventually matter only at the social occasions. Their omnipresence would have been missed if they did not pin point the presence of the obvious, called a tradition. Anything that remained unquali…

Yoga, Ayurveda and Make in India - The Juggernaut of Political Ploy

It’s a privilege today to be an under privileged if you are in India, interestingly even after 68 years of our independence. The successive governments have been busy harnessing the harvest of Independence in forms of amassing fortune at the cost of ensuring more than half of the independent population remain illiterate. This in itself is a travesty of the reasons for which many a brave hearts laid down their lives. The priorities were politically inclined towards establishing a system of governance and the results that emerged out of the decisive confusion was the resurrection of yet another colonial conundrum which categorically divided the nation into ‘people in power’, ‘people who are empowered’ (electorate) to vote those in power and the ‘people who will never question the power of those in power’!
The political poetry of power was doused with such methodological precision that the two classes still remain powerless to think and act beyond their boundaries.  The boundaries with hi…

Cremating the Human Touch in Relationships

Sordid tale of decomposing urban life isolated by the walls of indifference came to the light with the carcass turning into skeletons at the Robinson Street in Kolkata. While the incident offered a much needed respite to the media, tired with covering the political tirades, the bigger question is the emergence of a gruesome survival saga of the human in the digital world. The human relationships are becoming so impersonal and uncaring that I dread the advent of the day when there will be multiple options in front of the screen, for my son to tick against multiple options when I would be needing him the most.

Imagine an event that pops out in front of my son's laptop!

Your father is sick and has to be taken to the hospital, what would you like to do?

a) Call up my father, inquire how serious is the state and ask him to go to the nearest hospital.

b) Call up the hospital and ask them to send an ambulance to pick up my father.

c) I give a damn!

Or for that matter, the new android ap…

Financial Planning & Advisory Solutions in Financial Products and Services

What makes or mars a well laid out platter of food at the restaurant is the aroma that makes you either to salivate at the sight of the food or just sniff at the compromise called a cuisine. The fate of the food gets promptly written either in the dismissal of a revisit or succumbing to eternally patronizing the place.

The same holds true, when it comes to converting the ‘beginning’ of an advisory business to a full-fledged ‘solutions’.

Adversity fetches frowns across the temple, while the high priest in a self-starter gets lost in the plurality of purpose to live the day that is today. Books on attitude, Heroic biographies, Famous quotes and the Facebook share-it’s wryly looks at the plight masked in nonchalance, for there seems to be no way out!

I had read of the plagues that confront decision making and then have come to terms in learning about these dreadful aspects that copiously silhouette the underlying of a success as an outcome to decision making. The first being the lack of…

The First Stanza of Love!

A new wardrobe, maybe.
An old me, is it?
The same you for sure,
A new Love, could be.

SALES PLANNING: Planning to Fail or Failing to Plan?

A plan containing an assessment of current sales for a product in a given region or market, a statement of sales objectives, strategies for achieving the stated sales objectives, and resources available for achieving this goal is known as a sales plan. A sales plan may also assign particular sales representatives or other staff to particular roles or territories, and may include a breakdown of who will focus improving sales for which product. A sales plan is a crucial tool for all salespeople. Your company may have a sales plan in place, and if so, you should definitely make a point of learning and following it. But if you don't have an individual sales plan as well, you're missing an opportunity to succeed.
A sales plan will cover two major components: sales strategies and sales tactics. Strategies and tactics are military terms used to describe a war plan. Strategy is about the war itself: what the leaders want to accomplish, and which battles they choose to fight. Tactics …