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Six Yards

The transformation of a women to a lady. All it takes is to unwrap the six yards and get into an outfit which is perceived to be the symbol of breaking free from the social moulds. A saree simply cannot be the attire for a woman in command. Yes, I started believing in the same, till I saw  Mrs. Nirupama Rao donning the six yards of elegance with authority and pride.

Compiling a list of power women, will run into the risk of drawing a comparison to and creating a furore from among the women of substance who still believe, that the six yards is a mischievous manifestation of male dominance. Comfort and convenience are the two words suitably used to argue the case against the six yards, little realizing that an attire is an attribute and definitely not a tribute to your being a man or a woman.

Why is an attire more of an attribute? Well, if burning of bras and the pink panties is construed to be the symbol of women's liberty then being nude is the apt tribute to womanhood.

I have …

Sex Education - Unlearn to Learn

I came across this article in TOI today, whereby the global elite body,  has subscribed to the idea of initiating sex education for children. Toddlers are spared of picking up another rhyme, thankfully. I don't wish to sound cynical neither do I intend to wash off my hands from this responsibility of educating my 10 year old son of the pleasant nuances of a biological desire. But I have a challenge, am I educated enough on SEX to preach what I do not practise?

The Global Elders have a discerning eye to the not so immediate priorities and they do have a reason to the deliberations & the concerns, emanating from the long corridors & the closed cubicles of the self effacing, self proclaimed ambassadors of global issues.

It seems, thay were just short of meeting their (KRA) "KeyResponsibilityAreas" drafted in a hurry to be presented to those at the helm of affairs; who have adequate reasons to believe that "starvation of a different kind" assumes larger si…

Duniya Mutthee Mein !

There has been a spate of activities for quite some time, on the "Each one Teach One" initiatives being rolled out one after another with suitable compliments being heaved onto each of them, in the disguise of awards and recognitions. The initiative is gaining grounds, with corporates lending their brandnames to add a face to the initiatives, aptly acquiring brand equity in the process.

It was the other day, I had accompanied a neighbour to the hospital at night and while sipping tea at a non descript outlet at around 2.00 p.m. in the night, a conversation of a different nature caught my attention. I would like to be excused for eardropping but could not help doing the same, considering the nature of the conversation between a migrant domestic help & her  relative/friend over a cell phone. She was sipping tea nonchalantly while talking.

I quote, "thanks to the mobile company, I can now count 1, 2, 3 in English. The mobile company calls me frequently and address me …