Duniya Mutthee Mein !

There has been a spate of activities for quite some time, on the "Each one Teach One" initiatives being rolled out one after another with suitable compliments being heaved onto each of them, in the disguise of awards and recognitions. The initiative is gaining grounds, with corporates lending their brandnames to add a face to the initiatives, aptly acquiring brand equity in the process.

It was the other day, I had accompanied a neighbour to the hospital at night and while sipping tea at a non descript outlet at around 2.00 p.m. in the night, a conversation of a different nature caught my attention. I would like to be excused for eardropping but could not help doing the same, considering the nature of the conversation between a migrant domestic help & her  relative/friend over a cell phone. She was sipping tea nonchalantly while talking.

I quote, "thanks to the mobile company, I can now count 1, 2, 3 in English. The mobile company calls me frequently and address me as Madam, the same way I address my Maalkin.
They coax me into buying one scheme over the other. My goodness, you should have been here to believe it. And you know, what do I have to tell them, when they make those countless calls, I ask them to call me later as I am busy. I have a connection which is free for lifetime, I had come to refill my connection & thought of calling you, knowing fully well that you are in a night shift at the hospital that you work for". Unquoted.

While she continued with her chatter, completely oblivious of her new found status in a stranger in me; I was amazed at the power of consumerism. Hats off!


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