Six Yards

The transformation of a women to a lady. All it takes is to unwrap the six yards and get into an outfit which is perceived to be the symbol of breaking free from the social moulds. A saree simply cannot be the attire for a woman in command. Yes, I started believing in the same, till I saw  Mrs. Nirupama Rao donning the six yards of elegance with authority and pride.

Compiling a list of power women, will run into the risk of drawing a comparison to and creating a furore from among the women of substance who still believe, that the six yards is a mischievous manifestation of male dominance. Comfort and convenience are the two words suitably used to argue the case against the six yards, little realizing that an attire is an attribute and definitely not a tribute to your being a man or a woman.

Why is an attire more of an attribute? Well, if burning of bras and the pink panties is construed to be the symbol of women's liberty then being nude is the apt tribute to womanhood.

I have no qualms in accepting the fact that men have been taking the centrestage in deciding the fate of women, since eternity, but an act of breaking free from the clutches of male dominance need not necessarily take the shape of displaying the inner wears; which according to me, is in itself an insult to womanhood.


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