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Dirty Picture – a take on personal relationships

Personal relationships are so fragile and susceptible to the vagaries of misinterpretation, on account of incompatibility arising out of bias, perceptions, communication, insecurity and the inability to accept personal limitations. The veil of self imposed identity crisis at the face of unsolicited attempts to prove a point either to self or to others, very often ruin the delicate balance and equation in relationships. The cocoon in which we seek the delight and comfort of personal relationships is always at the risk of being trampled by the tempestuous predicaments that do not knock the door which is left ajar by us, either to look out for an enigma out of an otherwise ordinary life or to seek an inexplicable thrill out of the forbidden.
The lives that are interwoven in an otherwise fortified name and a relationship suddenly becomes so scarily suspicious of each other that each one explores a path of salvation out of the bond and responsibility which binds one to another. The great…

Re-discovering a Trait called Corruption

What are the threads that go on to define this trait in human beings? The thesaurus throws words like dishonesty, bribery, sleaze, fraud, and vice. Do we inherit these traits or do we develop these as a natural outcome to a situation and influence? If we inherit these traits as a distorted and altered form of our upbringing, then who are the ones who influence the demonstration of such a behaviour? Moral science and Value based Education finds no mention of in the lexicon of academic pursuits and as a result of which, most of us may have dozed off when an equally uninspiring teacher was reading out the paragraphs and chapters without making any attempt to draw and align us to the relevance and the far reaching effect at a latter part of the life.

The same could be interpreted for our elders. While I do remember that I got admonished for a lie, I was asked to lie by the same elder when somebody came looking out for him for a subscription which, the said elder, wanted to avoid paying. …

Information versus knowledge

The deluge of information made available today is a chasm in itself. Be it the project work of a school student or a presentation on comparative analysis by a professional, all we are required, is to Google away to glory. The act and the art of plagiarism comes so natural to us at the face of an uncertainty or a question that we have made ourselves naturally conditioned to get into the information universe at the drop of a hat! The act of seeking information being so short-lived and contextual, the quest for knowledge becomes a tedious and undesired effort. The world is becoming “cut-copy-paste” which explains the abundance of average (people) and the scarcity of the brilliant (people), albeit providing a platform and an opportunity for averages, who otherwise would have been relegated to being a Dodo!
So, why is this situation after all? Did the brilliant ones traverse the hall of fame by leaving an imprint and legacy of their works, only to be emulated mindlessly by the averages or…

The Concept of Selling ~ Simplified

The Concept of Sales

The Process of Buying and Selling

On your way back to home, you receive a call from your mother to get ‘mangoes’ from the market. The market has received supplies of absolutely fresh varieties of the ripe, fleshy and juicy fruit and your family is just not willing to give it a miss. They need mangoes at home. You get to the market and start looking for the best of the fruit, which is available in plenty, with the fruit vendors who are offering the fruit at different prices, depending on the supply of the fruit or stock with them, the quality of the fruit, the anticipated demand for any specific variety and the popularity etc. You have an option to evaluate the mangoes depending on the willingness to buy and the ability to pay for it. 

The vendor engages in a conversation with you trying to justify the price for a specific variety and if both of you agree to a common price, you end up buying and the vendor ends up selling the mango. But, if there is a disagreement bet…