Dirty Picture – a take on personal relationships

Personal relationships are so fragile and susceptible to the vagaries of misinterpretation, on account of incompatibility arising out of bias, perceptions, communication, insecurity and the inability to accept personal limitations. The veil of self imposed identity crisis at the face of unsolicited attempts to prove a point either to self or to others, very often ruin the delicate balance and equation in relationships. The cocoon in which we seek the delight and comfort of personal relationships is always at the risk of being trampled by the tempestuous predicaments that do not knock the door which is left ajar by us, either to look out for an enigma out of an otherwise ordinary life or to seek an inexplicable thrill out of the forbidden.

The lives that are interwoven in an otherwise fortified name and a relationship suddenly becomes so scarily suspicious of each other that each one explores a path of salvation out of the bond and responsibility which binds one to another. The greater risk is at this stage when each one of us is vulnerable to the slightest invocation of empathy and trust from an altogether new relationship which eventually lands us in a bond that can neither be revoked or questioned as we are just not ready to accept and agree landing ourselves in the same situation, once again!

Personal relationships, according to me can be best personified to a newlywed bride treading upon the thresholds of a new life with the person she loves and trusts the most, but perennially running the risk of striking conflicts and imbalances arising out of the outer circle of relationships and situations that are simply beyond her control. The maturity of the bride lies not in measuring the girth and severity of the situation and the people involved but instantly reconciling to the source and origin of the context and the after effects to the inner circle of her relationship.

It is a real ‘dirty picture’ but the only solace that we can draw out of it is that we need to continuously work towards creating a harmony out of personal relationships trying out uniqueness of approach and unquestioned trust for each other.


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