Information versus knowledge

The deluge of information made available today is a chasm in itself. Be it the project work of a school student or a presentation on comparative analysis by a professional, all we are required, is to Google away to glory. The act and the art of plagiarism comes so natural to us at the face of an uncertainty or a question that we have made ourselves naturally conditioned to get into the information universe at the drop of a hat! The act of seeking information being so short-lived and contextual, the quest for knowledge becomes a tedious and undesired effort. The world is becoming “cut-copy-paste” which explains the abundance of average (people) and the scarcity of the brilliant (people), albeit providing a platform and an opportunity for averages, who otherwise would have been relegated to being a Dodo!

So, why is this situation after all? Did the brilliant ones traverse the hall of fame by leaving an imprint and legacy of their works, only to be emulated mindlessly by the averages or is it a nefarious design on their part to suitably establish their supremacy and ingenuity that could only be copied and not be improvised upon? I would like to believe that the ramification of the brilliance has a far reaching and forward thinking intent. The brilliant ones knew and do know that the knowledge universe that got and gets created would never be suitably improvised upon as the averages would be pre-occupied with sharing the information among their peer instead of building upon the information to gain knowledge.

Very often I have felt that I am perpetually challenged when it comes to communicating the right information to the right person and to the right extend to which it is relevant and could be  put to use? This is the question that has set the clock ticking in me to understand ‘communication’ to it right intent, direction, reciprocation, application and impact. I am actually getting into the information universe this time with the right intent of building my knowledge. 


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