Re-discovering a Trait called Corruption

What are the threads that go on to define this trait in human beings? The thesaurus throws words like dishonesty, bribery, sleaze, fraud, and vice. Do we inherit these traits or do we develop these as a natural outcome to a situation and influence? If we inherit these traits as a distorted and altered form of our upbringing, then who are the ones who influence the demonstration of such a behaviour? Moral science and Value based Education finds no mention of in the lexicon of academic pursuits and as a result of which, most of us may have dozed off when an equally uninspiring teacher was reading out the paragraphs and chapters without making any attempt to draw and align us to the relevance and the far reaching effect at a latter part of the life.

The same could be interpreted for our elders. While I do remember that I got admonished for a lie, I was asked to lie by the same elder when somebody came looking out for him for a subscription which, the said elder, wanted to avoid paying. The virtues that got reflected in epic proportions while watching the epics in television remained more of a ‘wanting’ to get back to the next episode more as a relief from the school homework and studies and almost no intention of instilling the learning as whenever there was an opportunity to demonstrate, I got snide remarks of being a ‘raja harishchandra’ in ‘kaliyug’ (modern times). And, that was the nail in the coffin!

With the passage of time, I move onto being employed to begin my career and the ‘vision, mission and goal statement’ of the organisation becomes the preamble to becoming an astute professional with uncompromising ethics at work. Come down to the brass tracks and the bottom line at the end of every performance period, with all the values, morals and ethics adoring the walls of the brightly hued office; every single negotiation is made in the disguise of handling objections to attain the most coveted and desired figure.

The brightly hued office now seemingly dingy in the presence of the pall bearers in us, congratulating each other on a great show; at the cost of an erstwhile not negotiable work ethics being butchered mercilessly without raising a stink or an eye brow. When I look within and beyond my social circle, we raise fingers at each other on the success quotient with either a silent stupor or a pronounced judgment on the ways and means adopted but if I am successful (to the eyes of others), I raise the same fingers in a ‘V’ (victory) unmindful of my association with the trait called corruption and clearly immersed in proclaiming the prominence of the otherwise dormant trait.

With all the pretentious political dramas unfolding every now and then, I look so naive and wish to go back to my school to turn back to the same Moral Science book which taught me the science behind the moral of decadence. It is no longer the quantifiable figures that are getting thrown at our face but the nonchalance with which this trait called corruption is building itself without any prejudice and discrimination.

Anyone who wishes to embrace this cult of profligacy is welcomed without any hindrance as the ‘rights of admission’ is not reserved. All you require is just a ‘fall’.


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