Trust is such a small word and yet so gullible by being so susceptible to temptations which scores nothing at the face of breaking it and yet when discovered, leaves the most lasting of twinge and agony. It is like an eraser, the more that you erase the mistake, the smaller it becomes. In the professional space, the only thing that I had envisaged was to build onto the resources, empower them and make them ready to acknowledge the power to continuously work towards building resources by the strength of transferring the learning and the unique competencies that each one of us are endowed with.

The quiescent giant, called insecurity when awakened from its slumber wakes up in an inebriated state, oblivious of its stature and starts plundering one of the most sensitive virtues that we all possess, called TRUST. Completely unaware of the implausible outcome of the act, it betrays the very basis, on which we build relationships, anchor respect and establish precedence of accomplishments; the stage gets set for rummaging the remnants of work ethics and professional standards.

Imagine someone who has his own set of strengths being groomed with superior skill-sets and competence at work, getting into the groove of unquestioned loyalty in the disguise of unprecedented demonstration of delivery and execution and simultaneously building his competitive designs at the cost of the present employment, time, money and with proactive and overzealous act of influencing others in the process. Gets caught!

Do we stop trusting people? Was our decision to empower a pre-matured one? 


  1. There is no option other than trusting whether at home or at work ..empowerment is a different thing altogether ...We need to take the responsibility of educating those we trust to be able to empower ..make sense ?

    1. yes, it certainly makes sense but for the surprise and the agony part! life is back to normal though with new challenges and greater accomplishments.


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