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Urban Opera – Featuring the Monstrous Migrants, Irreverence for Law and the Impatient Middle Class.

Let’s look at the urban umbrage or the metropolitan menace from the perspective of the population that migrates into cities. These people who were so very familiar with the simplicity of means, informal relationships and communal behavior take instant and cognitive refuge to complicated interpretations that are riddled with influences by unfamiliar relations which bring out the competitive behavior for the sake of survival. In an attempt to improve the efficiency of life through the opportunities in employment, housing, transportation, health care and education by the government, the urbanization process has become an inexplicable source of mismatched expectations between the myriad misadventures in governance and the right to life and livelihood by people.

What prevents the otherwise impregnable minds and the schematic ploys by the administrative architects to foresee the need for planning the measured migration? The number of metropolitan cities and the urban centers in India can sti…

Here to Fight & Not to Run - Its all about Attitude

A mob of teenage beggars were shooing away another teenager who was lame in one leg, for they thought his limping was a lame excuse to collect the biggest booty among them and thus broke a scuffle. 
The lame had no excuse to offer, but a lesson in attitude when he yelled at them, “I am here to fight with my one leg and do not need two legs to run off like you”.


The dismay and the dejection at the face of an inability to convert a prospect to a client gets written at large in a financial services’ products advisor’s face, which takes a toll on the entire day. Much to the chagrin of the professional, peddling the most important product for the sustenance of the present living standards at a future cost becomes a disdainful affair. The reasons subscribed to the failure of ‘prospect-to-client- conversion’ gets aligned to the market dynamics of interest rates, lack of direction in equity markets, macro fundamentals, investment indiscipline, lack of knowledge or for that matter disagreement to a payback for a service made availed etc.
What gets ignored is the involvement of a ‘human factor’ in the entire transaction between the investor and the advisor. Now, why do I call this a transaction? The very fact that we tend to disassociate the ‘human factor’ between the two parties involved in the act of identifying the need and making avail of the pr…

Article published in People Matters

Glad to share my article on employee engagement published by India's premier Human Resource magazine, People Matters.