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A Canopy of Coyness: Brushing Past A Breast

True to the chagrin of the frequent economy class fliers in us, the general compartment was a cattle class. Mortification took a back seat to the fact that it was the last train to Howrah from Contai for the day. I suddenly became conscious of the ignominy, writ large at my face, to be chanced upon as disregard for others. A four hour ride in a compartment that had its toilets occupied with flowers and vegetables that would be made available to the snooty and plastic card heavy wallet consumer in me, the very next day at the hyper market!
The compartment was a canopy of coyness, for the hands of the male passengers were brushing unabashedly against the uninviting breasts of the female passengers, till I realized that the triumphant shouts were the counts of the number of black or the red ‘sets’ in a humble card game of ‘29’. And, it took less than ten minutes for us to get absorbed in the game and even interrupting and offering unsolicited inputs for trading and ‘trumping’ the Jack,…