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Transgressions of a Taxi wallah: Hips Don't Lie

The passenger in his mid forties has been a regular with Chandra (taxi wallah) for the last few weeks. He slumped to the back seat every morning dragging his tired torso, as if it was a triumphant discovery by Indiana Jones from the ruins; as an accessory to the life and times of the Pharaoh. What amazed Chandra was the swiftness with which he managed to disperse on reaching his destination in the early office crowd. While the crowd was still immersed in their ritual of dragging the last puff from the cigarette to inflate the bottom line of cigarette company and sipping the liquor sold as black tea which could at best be considered an incestuous cousin of the one, adorning the tea table at Buckingham for the Queen. 
The man was considerate enough to count and pay the fare to the exactness of the decimal, but when it came to answering to the fervent attempts made by Chandra to break into a conversation, the Hmm and Uffs served the best speed breakerto Chandra’s piqued monologue from t…