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Heir Apparent: Conflicts in the Corridors of Power: Equations and Possibilities

As a consultant to the “succession planning” exercise for the position of the CEO, the initiatives included the following:
Agreed upon incubation for the candidates identified (internally) to go through the practices, process and proficiency at the client headquarters overseas for the role. The candidates were integrated into special projects with the idea to give them the exposure to the intricacies of the role. The participants were subjected to an “assessment center  to find the exactness and fitment for the role, after the internal assessment was found to be inadequate to adjudge the appropriateness of the candidates for the role.
The concerns at the incumbent’s end:
The two candidates in question were found below par for the role which necessitated considering a third candidate to undergo the similar process as devised for the two other candidates. The third candidate was the Head of Human Resources who incidentally was privy to the process, recommendations, feedback and develop…