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News Reading in the Indian News Television Channel: The Art of Farting in the Face

The Indian Television News channel viewers are strong contenders for the Nobel Peace prize for the insurmountable peace that they let prevail over them. One look at the teleprompter seduced distorted face of the news reader, whose peak performance, laced with the screams and moans in achieving an orgasm of self-glory and you would know, why we viewers would settle nothing less than the Noble prize.
As a breed, they are alarmingly erudite, operates with the stealth that can be compared only with the best in class bomber. Armed with an astute pedigree in indestructible construction of thesaurus guided missiles that prompt the viewers to exchange their glances not in admiration but in profound guilt of yet not having mastered the ‘art-of-fart’, these demy Gods have their fan following running into hundreds, for they are the ultimate answer to the common people’s unanswered woes and despairs.
These people have become such an indispensable fixture in the lives of many like me that they not…