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Drudgery, Disgrace, Disappointment and Rape

I wish to travel at the speed of light sometimes, for the darkness around is compelling me to grope around the creatures of darkness and whimper and gnarl like a mongrel that wants to bite but has lost its teeth! The institutions are being run by the thugs and rogues masquerading as the front-men for the most privileged class in the country called the politicians in deciding and directing the bleak future of the present generation. And, disgraceful as it is, the beguiling student class is the easiest prey to the martyrdom of innocence when they are latching on to the loop of instant reckoning at the altar of unsurpassed notoriety of the buffoons who call themselves the kingmakers.
The age of innocence is lurking nowhere, for the fear of getting outsmarted and outclassed by the smart-phone wielding generation who really wears the attitude where it matters. At the backdrop of a socio-economic fall-out which is largely led by the corruption infested parallel economy, we are not even re…