Drudgery, Disgrace, Disappointment and Rape

I wish to travel at the speed of light sometimes, for the darkness around is compelling me to grope around the creatures of darkness and whimper and gnarl like a mongrel that wants to bite but has lost its teeth! The institutions are being run by the thugs and rogues masquerading as the front-men for the most privileged class in the country called the politicians in deciding and directing the bleak future of the present generation. And, disgraceful as it is, the beguiling student class is the easiest prey to the martyrdom of innocence when they are latching on to the loop of instant reckoning at the altar of unsurpassed notoriety of the buffoons who call themselves the kingmakers.

The age of innocence is lurking nowhere, for the fear of getting outsmarted and outclassed by the smart-phone wielding generation who really wears the attitude where it matters. At the backdrop of a socio-economic fall-out which is largely led by the corruption infested parallel economy, we are not even ready to embrace the stark reality of engagement not by default but by design. Conventional career options keeps dwindling not in numbers but as an opportunity between the carrot and stick of the policy makers, to please the legislature and breeding hatred in the name of reservation in return, to perpetuate a divide between derision and decision. It’s about pleasing and playing to the gallery and making a mockery of the masses.

The turmoil of the times takes a toll of the toil by funding the appeasement of the politicians in turns, in the disguise of an election which spells out elaborate agenda of filling the coffers of all those scoundrels who had missed the previous term of politricking people. All are hand in gloves and they will make us bay for each other’s blood, sometimes in the name of religion, sometimes for cricket and at times for even raising a voice against the plight of the systematic victim of the drudgery, disgrace, disappointment and rape.

I wish to travel at the speed of light every time!


  1. Everything from religion to cricket is a commercial product today: for purchase and sale. When will the next incarnation of Vishnu take place to cure us of this malaise?

    No divine intervention possible. Only we can do it. :)

    1. Dear Mr. Matheikal,

      Appreciate your point of view and on taking time to go through my blog.

      I am in agreement with you when you say "no divine intervention possible, only we can do it'.

      Best Regards..


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