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Repaying A Debt Forever:: The Son’s Reply to His Father!

Dear Father,
The fact that you bequeathed life on to me and my growing up in your paternal shadow makes me feel, I owe you an acknowledgement for a lifetime.  
Why do I feel so? Your sense of achievement lies in the completion of circle of accomplishments that you did not or could not complete, and wish, I pursue the same on your behalf. This paternal shadow is inhibiting my growing up with a sense of repaying a debt that I never took from you. Do I keep pursuing something that I do not concur with you or seek my sense of direction in the pursuit of a life that makes sense to me?
I see your taking umbrage to this epistle, for I am speaking my mind. The very obvious reference would be, “I am intruding your space and that you are grown up now, I must knock the door”. Knocking the door is but a small question that I would like you to ask yourself, “I see myself in the mirror but my right is his left and his right is the left of mine”. The resentment that I may have shown is neither with…