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The Sage & his Sins

The neighbourhood of Gitanjali wakes up every day accompanied with the impatience and the acknowledging nod from Jeevan to each of his regular patrons, pacifying the fumes from the glasses rather than the flavour and liquor of the re-cycled tea and the baking soda doused biscuits from the local bakery. The tea-stall is orderly and contained in its unwritten membership rules for the regular patrons where the right to admission is reserved on the basis of exclusivity to the retirement rhetoric, diabetic debates, rheumatic resonance and cardiac congestion. 

The regular patrons mentally masturbated at their current age of 60 plus, on topics ranging from cricket, politics, inflation and insomnia. So, if and when an occasional intruder or a bystander made a gallant attempt to offer his unsolicited opinion on the topic of discussion for the day, it invited snarl, grunt and disdain from the ghetto of the regular patrons.

All it took was the topic for the day; women’s liberty and emancipation is…