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Change Management

Change is a possibility only when we consider it as an opportunity.
It was just the other day, when I had to take an early morning flight, I found myself caught in a traffic jam (early morning!) for a huge trailer had nosedived right on the middle of the road. I just could not afford to miss the flight. Oh god, this cannot happen to me! Throwing hands up in the air in despair and denial, I got off the cab and started arguing with the lone ranger in a policeman, who was already at his wits end to pacify the crowd. We were resisting each and every one of us in finding a solution while the cab’s meter was running its delightful derby. By the time sensibility prevailed, the crowd had started melting in exploring a way out and I found myself looking for another means instead of wasting any further time.
One enterprising but not exactly a good Samaritan was offering a ride to the airport at an exorbitant cost but I found myself disregarding the cost and settling down for the fancy ride in…