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THE TOY STORY - II ~ He is behind the Bars!

The Investigating Officer narrated the reason for his arrest with the finesse of a story teller, taking no liberty of the creative punches as the narrative in itself was so gruesome in its facts that any other form of creative writing would have to be factual enough to be considered a work of art.
He loathed for the other woman, she took pity to his plight of being a neglected husband, he spun the fabric of cinematic chivalry and she took fancy to his earnestness, he abandoned his wife and son and she started dreaming of settling down unchallenged and triumphant in her pursuit of a travesty. Interesting he was already embroiled in another set of legal battle against his wife, on the grounds of domestic violence and maintenance and yet he managed to come out unscathed in striking a brilliant and a well scripted extra marital affair.
Anguish and dishonour took a new form and manifestation in pleading for a way out. There were plenty that could be preordained in forging accepted ways o…

THE TOY STORY ~ Infidelity, Illicit Relationship and the Tumultuous Merriment

That distinct evening of 31st August 2013, is the most distinct evening in my recent memory, when I received the SMS from my younger brother informing me that he has completed his MBA and then at the dead of the night, a trembling voice of our father, “your brother is being taken into police custody, right now”! As would be the case with most of us, my brother had a fair share of his young adulthood symptoms of disregard for everything & everyone which gradually manifests into a youth when he felt that the world begun and will end with him. Sanity of decisions got overruled by the insanity of rebellion, the cause and the belief was known only to the rebel.
His being the youngest among siblings, he was showered with all the attention and affection with the provocation of an envy among all and imprudence by the entire family. The same young boy when was put in the hostel at a tender age of 10 years for our father was getting transferred to a nondescript place that did not have an E…