THE TOY STORY - II ~ He is behind the Bars!

The Investigating Officer narrated the reason for his arrest with the finesse of a story teller, taking no liberty of the creative punches as the narrative in itself was so gruesome in its facts that any other form of creative writing would have to be factual enough to be considered a work of art.

He loathed for the other woman, she took pity to his plight of being a neglected husband, he spun the fabric of cinematic chivalry and she took fancy to his earnestness, he abandoned his wife and son and she started dreaming of settling down unchallenged and triumphant in her pursuit of a travesty. Interesting he was already embroiled in another set of legal battle against his wife, on the grounds of domestic violence and maintenance and yet he managed to come out unscathed in striking a brilliant and a well scripted extra marital affair.

Anguish and dishonour took a new form and manifestation in pleading for a way out. There were plenty that could be preordained in forging accepted ways of resolving critical situations. The Investigating officer was a veteran in suggesting way out of the mess with the air of authority of a family priest, who you find chanting verses in invoking celestial intervention in frisking you out of your last clothes as an offering. The Investigating Officer (IO) confided in me his proximity to the other woman and her family and convinced me to meet her in pacifying her frayed tempers in settling down for a settlement.

Why do I pacify her and what for? Where does the question for a settlement arise? Well, the allegations against my brother were breach of trust and cheating which are cognizable offences that could land him behind bars. I chose to play to the tunes of the Pied Piper of Patuli (local police station) and met the other woman. The woman was forthcoming in her choice of carefully selected abuse for my brother playing truant to her dreams of togetherness and suddenly taking a U-turn to get back to his wife and son.

How could she accept this breach of trust of having been promised a marriage after having crafted a script of separation with his wife and parading the other woman as his wife to be? In their macabre sport of reclaiming lost love for each other, which supposedly existed since their young adulthood and that got revived because of Facebook they had gone ahead and made bold disclosure of their intentions with mutual friends and the woman’s family. My mother was privy to these, but she claims ignominy of the events on the ground of her repeated and sincere insistence that these two creatures do not take their illicit relationship forward when he is still married and has not yet been legally granted a divorce.

My brother and the other women went about unhindered in their exploits against all the forms of rationale and societal bindings in throwing lavish parties and blowing money in togetherness but surely establishing the firmness of an impending disaster. She was in no hurry to reconcile to the not so well thought out apologies either from him or from his family, rather, she kept on asking for his wife’s contact coordinates in appraising her of a scornful liar who had gone to the extent of disowning his own son!

I was rightfully influenced by her account and argued with myself to stand out of the contemptuous situation but then he heard the trembling voice of our father, “he is being taken by the police”, the helplessness of a 75 year old man, whose world begun and ended with me when it came to crisis. I was a father to him!

There he stood behind the bars in police custody, caught with his pride down with his pants. Looking like a wolf in the garb of a sheep seeking refuge in empathy and yet resilient to his wild pursuits.

He was behind the bars!


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