THE TOY STORY ~ Infidelity, Illicit Relationship and the Tumultuous Merriment

That distinct evening of 31st August 2013, is the most distinct evening in my recent memory, when I received the SMS from my younger brother informing me that he has completed his MBA and then at the dead of the night, a trembling voice of our father, “your brother is being taken into police custody, right now”!
As would be the case with most of us, my brother had a fair share of his young adulthood symptoms of disregard for everything & everyone which gradually manifests into a youth when he felt that the world begun and will end with him. Sanity of decisions got overruled by the insanity of rebellion, the cause and the belief was known only to the rebel.

His being the youngest among siblings, he was showered with all the attention and affection with the provocation of an envy among all and imprudence by the entire family. The same young boy when was put in the hostel at a tender age of 10 years for our father was getting transferred to a nondescript place that did not have an English Medium school, affection & attention multiplied into a submission by the family to his whims & fancies. For, everything and everyone was a Toy to him!

The young lad grew up into an adult with his tantrums getting over-zealously protected and being complied with on the only pretext that could be irrationally offered, “He had missed his childhood, while at hostel at such a tender age”. And, that paved the path for his insatiable self belief that everything and everyone was just another Toy! The world became his playground and every relationship that mattered and were to follow became so ordinarily dispensable to him that either he substituted one with another or simply misplaced the displaced relation. Everything and everyone was a Toy for him.

The substitution effect and the displacement theory were the sincere ally to his sense of reasoning and in balancing himself against the world, which has already sown the seed in him being so perilously gifted on being naturally pretentious. He believed he was rich and became the apple in the eyes of his peer, who felt delightfully fortunate in the company of his impeccable trait & the gait of a suave man who has just arrived to rule the world. And, she was no exception to his charm, for her beguiling semi urban roots were more convinced that he was her man to ride the bike with, every evening to the shopping mall to catch a movie and slip in to the fabled urban jungle akin to the reel life imitating real life, while the rest of the worries were just a pack of cards. Toys, I told you!

They got married against the elderly sermons of the family in settling down first for they were in courtship for days that begun with the Valentine ’s Day and were to culminate into a lifetime of togetherness even before they could celebrate the anniversary of their knowing each other. Everyone was just another Toy to them! As predictable as it was, their relation fell apart in qualifying for absolute disharmony in compatibility, mutual respect and trust but the bigger worry was, now they had a son. An adorable son, but he was a Toy to them!

Mending ways with patchworks that was intervened upon by the family on either side, they were treading into the trickery and treacherous path of misplaced trust, every day, which very often ended with a violent outcome which not only dented their relationship severely but ensured an irrevocable but a definite disturbed childhood for their son. Toys, you know by now! The wife left him in utter despair and disdain and in the lurch of solitary confinement, little realising that she had submitted to her husband’s measured manoeuvre of letting her in a situation that she was in and just the way he wanted it to be. Now, she was the Toy!

Life went on as usual with all and for him with infrequent mention of their son who was getting butchered at the sanctum of their discord and then one day; he surfaced pleading to be reunited with his wife and son. The families started to work overtime in their new found role of a negotiator against the backdrop of the sermons that were offered and got rejected when these worldly unwise fools had decided to get married against their wishes.

It was the ploy, played with the precision of a seasoned actor by him in justifying his deceit and infidelity for he had already taken the refuge under the welcoming wings of an equally scornful woman. They had paraded their illicit relationship with such refined aplomb and showmanship that even the families could not take umbrage of the tumultuous merriment that these two creatures of abject dishonour. The families were still trying to make up for all the loss between him and his wife when that momentous evening of 31st August, 2014 arrived. First came the SMS of his MBA result and then the trembling voice of our father over the phone.

He is now the Toy to be toasted and tossed by his destiny.


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