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SALES PLANNING: Planning to Fail or Failing to Plan?

A plan containing an assessment of current sales for a product in a given region or market, a statement of sales objectives, strategies for achieving the stated sales objectives, and resources available for achieving this goal is known as a sales plan. A sales plan may also assign particular sales representatives or other staff to particular roles or territories, and may include a breakdown of who will focus improving sales for which product. A sales plan is a crucial tool for all salespeople. Your company may have a sales plan in place, and if so, you should definitely make a point of learning and following it. But if you don't have an individual sales plan as well, you're missing an opportunity to succeed.
A sales plan will cover two major components: sales strategies and sales tactics. Strategies and tactics are military terms used to describe a war plan. Strategy is about the war itself: what the leaders want to accomplish, and which battles they choose to fight. Tactics …