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Yoga, Ayurveda and Make in India - The Juggernaut of Political Ploy

It’s a privilege today to be an under privileged if you are in India, interestingly even after 68 years of our independence. The successive governments have been busy harnessing the harvest of Independence in forms of amassing fortune at the cost of ensuring more than half of the independent population remain illiterate. This in itself is a travesty of the reasons for which many a brave hearts laid down their lives. The priorities were politically inclined towards establishing a system of governance and the results that emerged out of the decisive confusion was the resurrection of yet another colonial conundrum which categorically divided the nation into ‘people in power’, ‘people who are empowered’ (electorate) to vote those in power and the ‘people who will never question the power of those in power’!
The political poetry of power was doused with such methodological precision that the two classes still remain powerless to think and act beyond their boundaries.  The boundaries with hi…

Cremating the Human Touch in Relationships

Sordid tale of decomposing urban life isolated by the walls of indifference came to the light with the carcass turning into skeletons at the Robinson Street in Kolkata. While the incident offered a much needed respite to the media, tired with covering the political tirades, the bigger question is the emergence of a gruesome survival saga of the human in the digital world. The human relationships are becoming so impersonal and uncaring that I dread the advent of the day when there will be multiple options in front of the screen, for my son to tick against multiple options when I would be needing him the most.

Imagine an event that pops out in front of my son's laptop!

Your father is sick and has to be taken to the hospital, what would you like to do?

a) Call up my father, inquire how serious is the state and ask him to go to the nearest hospital.

b) Call up the hospital and ask them to send an ambulance to pick up my father.

c) I give a damn!

Or for that matter, the new android ap…