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Raising you Boy, to be a Man!

In five months from now, he turns to be an adult, officially!
I discovered my parenthood with his birth and named him Anweshan. It was such an amazing feeling looking at him, squirming in the hands of the obstetrician when the Doctor called for his father. The day was 29th of November, 1998 at 5.08 pm (Sunday). While, there were a handful of people around me, immersed in their own merriment, I was immobile with an overwhelming feeling of the obvious, the duty to raise a child, the responsibility to groom him to be self reliant and successful and the pride unbound, of having procreated a progeny to perpetuate.
The raising of my son was fraught with my own limitations. When look at those days today, the priority was to create sanity out of limitless expectations from all those folks, who would eventually matter only at the social occasions. Their omnipresence would have been missed if they did not pin point the presence of the obvious, called a tradition. Anything that remained unquali…